Nucleon assessment

The Nucleon assessment allows a project manager, scrum master or team leader to get a clear and accurate view of a development team’s performance. The Nucleon assessment is the first tool to allow you to measure an IT development team’s performance.

Why you should measure your IT development team’s performance

  • • By measuring against best practices, you get clear indicators of the major areas that need extra attention to provide optimal performance
  • • When results are put into a common language and metric, you can discuss and prioritize cross-company issues
  • You can justify your business cases as you initiate change projects
  • Predict your delivery date and cost more precisely

Get a detailed report on your team’s performance that will help:

  • Identify specific cost reduction opportunities
  • Identify employees who are mismatched to their function
  • Identify top performers who deserve extra care and attention, and establish a baseline to track performance
  • Visualize the true potential of your current organization and identify what should be re-organized
  • Better predict delivery schedules
  • • Allocate resources to achieve the highest return on investment
  • Assess consequences for agility, practical experience and team consistency

  • Evaluate how well-serving your architecture is for your project

  • Benchmark and forecast IT performance factors

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“I developed the Nucleon formula because I wanted a consistent tool that would indicate how much development power a team or a company has. For me, Nucleon is just as relevant as P/E or ROI and perhaps even more so, as IT determines most companiesʼ future success.”
Jeppe Hedaa

How to read the results

The Nucleon number that is generated from the assessment provides a single, comparable metric that helps you focus efforts on the most important factors that lead to high performance.

The heatmap generated from the assessment graphically depicts how to improve your team’s performance as efficiently as possible.

The Nucleon formula and the assessment are potential game changers for the IT industry. They bring the often arcane mysteries of complex systems development into the light so that you can operate in the most informed and optimal way possible.